Mark – one half of the creative team behind ‘The Greys’ and ‘Monsters, Inked’ comics – is writing a series of Inkscape tutorials for Full Circle Magazine. The first is a sort of prequel to the main series, introducing the SVG file format, and can be found in issue #60.

Full Circle Magazine is available to download free of charge. It’s primarily a Ubuntu Linux magazine, but the Inkscape tutorials are largely applicable to Windows and MacOS users, too.

These tutorials will start with the very basics of Inkscape, and over time will expand to cover some of the more complex and powerful features of the software we use to create our comics. Many of the tricks and tips we’ve picked up over the past three years will feature throughout the series.

So if you fancy creating your own comic strip, or just want some behind-the-scenes insight into how we do it, start by downloading issue #60 now and follow along with future editions.

(Tip: if you want to be informed when the next edition comes out, you can follow Free Circle Magazine on Twitter and Facebook; while you’re at it, why not follow TheGreysComic (Twitter, Facebook), too?)