Not to be confused with a suppository — which, it turns out, is not a good place to store your source files, even on a very small USB key — what we actually have is a GitHub repository. If you don’t know what GitHub is, the short version is that it’s an online host for projects — mostly code for Open Source software — that makes it easy for people to share files and collaborate.

We’ll be uploading our Elvie source files there, as and when we find the time to tidy them up and make them fit for public consumption. The files for our first strip are already there.

Using GitHub means that you can grab individual files if you want to, or fork the whole repository if you want to. If you want to translate any of our Elvie strips, we’re happy to receive pull requests, but it’s usually better if you get in touch with us before you start the work so we can provide a little guidance and avoid duplicated effort.

When each of our strips has its files pushed to GitHub, we’ll add a block like this to the bottom of the commentary. Just click the link to go to our GitHub repository, where you’ll find each individual comic in its own subdirectory.

Fork this comic (or just grab the source files) on GitHub