This strip first appeared in issue #229 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, and is the second in a trilogy of strips following Elvie’s efforts to make some money by selling some geeky merchandise. In a change from our usual panel layout and style, this strip showcases some of her designs, rather than focusing on a single narrative joke.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: The whole panel consists of a series of t-shirts, based on geeky jokes and humour, and branded as "The Geek Chic(k) Collection by Elvie". The following describes each T-shirt]

1: The T-shirt is printed with three smaller T-shirts reading "I love containers".
2: A heart-shaped lace doiley between the words "Love" and "Lace".
3: A slogan reading "Web developers do it with style (and class)".
4: A slogan reading "Give me a browser and a line of JavaScript long enough, and I will move the World (Wide Web)".
5: Some LISP code.
6: A slogan reading "(2b || !2b) evaluates to true" and attributed to "W. Shakespeare (from an early draft of Hamlet)".
7: A slogan reading "Isn't it time you backed-up your files?"
8: A slogan reading "Perl Girl".
9: A slogan reading "How can we stop climate change when we can't even stop people using Internet Explorer?".
10: A design looking like a calculator, showing the calculation "24x2417".
11: A slogan reading "Warning: My mood varies with the value of Bitcoin".
12: A slogan reading "QT Cutie".
13: A slogan reading "If you don't take my advice when buying hardware, you don't get my support when it breaks".
14: An image of a bar of food, and a slogan reading "Wookiee Jerkiee, It's Chewie!".