Our Elvie comic strip is produced as a comission for Linux Voice magazine. Unlike most other magazines, all the content from Linux Voice will be released under a CC-BY-SA licence within 9 months of publication. The first of our magazine strips will be appearing on this site shortly, but we decided to create this strip to introduce the character in the meantime.

These strips are created using MyPaint and Inkscape, with The GIMP being used for additional editing and file conversion. We plan to make our original source files available, and are currently investigating the best way to do this, given their size (GitHub is looking likely at the moment).

Check back occasionally for more comics, or pick up a Linux Voice to see them months before they arrive here. Please also take the time to look at our other comics, The Greys and Monsters, Inked.

Cette bande dessinée est aussi disponible en français
This comic is also available in French

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Full length image of Elvie]
[Caption: This is Elvie]
Elvie: Hi!

[Panel 2: Elvie is forcing a graphics car into a computer using a mallet]
[Caption: She knows a thing or two about computer hardware…]
Elvie: Who says this case won't take a full-length graphics card?

[Panel 3: Close up of Elvie as a character from "The Matrix"]
[Caption: …and she's pretty good with software, too.]
Elvie: I know script-fu
[Caption: (She's not joking -- she likes to write GIMP plugins in her spare time)]

[Panel 4: Several images of Elvie styled to match various Linux distributions]
[Caption: She changes her style almost as often as she changes her Linux distribution]
Elvie (in fourth image, dressed as a magician): Let's not mention my Mandrake days.
[Caption: …which is pretty often]

[Panel 5: An image of a Linux Voice magazine cover]
[Caption: And she appears in Linux Voice -- A new Linux magazine which gives its profits* and its content back to the community]
[Caption: *Okay, half its profits -- but that's still pretty generous]