This strip appeared in issue #15 of Linux Voice magazine, which included an interview with Larry Wall, the creator of the Perl programming language.

Yes, the text in Larry’s speech bubble is some real Perl code. If you want to see what he’s really saying, we’ve put the code into a separate file on Github. Run it with “perl”.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1 - Elvie is dressed as a journalist]
Elvie: Today I'm interviewing Larry Wall, the creator of Perl.

[Panel 2]
Elvie: So, Larry, what do you say to the criticism that Perl just looks like a cat has walked over the keyboard?

[Panel 3 - Elvie is talking to a caricature version of Larry Wall, who is speaking in code that looks similar to
classic swear words in comic strips]

("I really don't ")
_{print $_.@_[0]."\n";s!@*!!}_

Elvie: Larry! Please mind your language!