This strip first appeared in issue #208 of Linux (Pro) Magazine.

There is a slight anachronism with this strip: It was originally intended to appear far earlier in the series, but kept getting delayed for various reasons. Consequently the photo being taken in this cartoon actually appears four strips earlier, inside the house in Elvie #44!

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Close up of Elvie holding a camera, in a parody of "The Killing Joke" Batman cover]

Elvie: This camera uses 14 bits per channel, so it can capture over 4 trillion different colours.

[Panel 2: Elvie and her brother-in-law are shown to be in a photographic studio. Elvie is taking a photo of her sister and new baby niece]

Elvie: then I open the RAW files in Photivo which works at 16 bits, or over 280 trillion colours

…before using 32 bit mode in Krita which gives me even more
colour depth

[Panel 3: Elvie and her brother-in-law are viewing the resultant files on a laptop]

Brother-in-law: Erm… that's great, I guess --

-- but can you make them black and white? That always looks