This strip first appeared in issue #230 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, and is the last in a trilogy of strips following Elvie’s efforts to make some money by selling some geeky merchandise. This is one of our favourite strips – possibly because it could so easily have been a Greys strip instead (but you would have had to wait a lot longer for us to produce that one!).

We usually try to avoid using words whose spelling differs between the UK and US, but the strip just didn’t work without them in this case. We’re from the UK, but Linux Pro Magazine is based in the US. International readers generally seem to be more comfortable with US English, too. We produced both US and UK versions but, ultimately, the editor opted to go with the “original” UK spelling, so that’s the version we’ve used here as well.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is selling T-shirts and other merchandise. She's showing a striped scarf that says 'WHO' to a customer]

Elvie: Can I interest you in this 'Doctor Who' scarf -- striped in honour of the one worn by the fourth doctor?

Customer: I prefer science fact over science fiction!

[Panel 2: Elvie flips the scarf through 180° so it now reads 'OHM']

Elvie: In that case… can I interest you in this scarf in honour of German scientist Georg Ohm?

It's striped to represent the colour codes used on resistors.

Customer: That's great! How much does it cost?