This strip first appeared in issue #238 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It’s the first of a pair of strips that are slightly related in their use of tennis as a subject matter. The second strip was written first, with this one subsequently created as a “lead-in”.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is dressed for tennis, and is handing James (who is eating junk food) a tennis racquet. On her wrist a fitness tracker is pinging]

Elvie: Do you fancy a game of tennis? I've got a new smartwatch that will analyze every swing, stroke and shot I make.

[Panel 2: Split into three parts, showing close-ups of Elvie hitting the ball with her racquet, and a corresponding Bleep, Bloop or Bzzz sounding from the fitness tracker each time]

[Panel 3: A high-angle view of the tennis court, showing the match between James and Elvie in action]

James: So… what's the result?

Elvie: It says I should take up golf!