This strip first appeared in issue #255 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, in November 2021 when the price of Bitcoin was approaching an all-time high (it reached $69k that month). The gag doesn’t actually depend on Bitcoin being valuable or popular, but it certainly helped to explain why Elvie would be prepared to put so much money into a mining rig at that time.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is shown next to the crypto mining PC she's built, about to connect two sides of a high capacity power cable. There is a table lamp illuminating the scene.]

Elvie: I’ve built a new cryptocurrency mining rig. It wasn’t cheap though…

The motherboard was $150, the liquid-cooled case was nearly $300 -- and the five GPUs cost over $800 each!

Time to turn it on…

[Panel 2: Sparks are shown from the plug Elvie has connected, and the light has failed in a puff of smoke. The scene is no longer brightly lit, but is now desaturated and dark.]

Elvie: Perhaps I should have also spent $2 on some spare fuses.