This strip appeared in issue #26 of Linux Voice magazine, which featured the third and final instalment of a tutorial about controlling Philips Hue lights from Linux. Disclaimer: the tutorials were written by the same author as this comic strip.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie and her friend are in a room lit by a blue light. Elvie is wearing a raincoat and holding an umbrella.]

Elvie: I've installed some smart lightbulbs. This one turns blue when the weather forecast is bad.

[Panel 2: Elvie is in a room lit by a red light, writing a card.]

Elvie: This one turns red when a friend's birthday is coming up.

[Panel 3: Elvie is in a room lit by a green lamp, watching TV.]

Elvie: While this one turns green to remind me when my favourite TV show is about to start.

[Panel 4: Elvie and her friend are in a dark room, such that only their eyes, and the dark outline of an unlit bulb, are visible]

Friend: And when they all turn off?

Elvie: That's to remind me that the electricity bill is overdue.