This strip appeared in issue #32 of Linux Voice magazine, and coincided (roughly) with the 25th anniversary of the first release of the Linux kernel.

Although we didn’t realise it as the time, this was to be the last stand-alone issue of Linux Voice. The magazine was subsumed into Linux (Pro) Magazine who, I’m glad to say, chose to continue with the cartoon. So although this strip marked a sad moment, being at the end of a truly great magazine, Elvie continues to appear in print each month.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1, Elvie is thinking to herself]

Elvie: Linux and I have a lot in common…

[Panel 2: Elvie as a baby with some alphabet blocks arranged to read "sed", "awk" and "grep"]

Elvie: We both came into the world in 1991, and in our early days people struggled to understand us.

[Panel 3: Elvie as a teenager, having been pelted with eggs from two girls wearing SCO and Microsoft branded clothes]

Elvie: By our teenage years we had a few growing pains.

[Panel 4: Elvie in front of a crowd of people, all wearing clothes with the logos of Linux-supporting organisations (NASA, Amazon, Wikipedia, Google, IBM, CERN, Facebook, Twitter). One person, with a Microsoft flag, is photobombing them]

Elvie: But now, 25 years on, *everybody* wants to be our friend!