Here’s a little comic strip about “virtue signalling” that first appeared in issue #240 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. In an entirely coincidental and not at all hypocritical move, please be aware that our GitHub repos have been updated to use “main” as the name of their primary branch.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie's boss is talking to her]

Boss: We should remove politically insensitive words from our source code. We'll start by replacing blacklist and whitelist with blocklist and allowlist.

Elvie: That's going to take a lot of time…

[Panel 2: Close-up of Elvie's boss looking agitated]

Boss: You developers are such pessimists…
… it's just a few sed commands to change black to block in the entire code base. Never mind, I'll do it myself!

[Panel 3: Elvie and her boss. The boss is looking angry]

Boss: Where has all the content gone on our website!?

Elvie: Block and allow aren't valid CSS colour names…

Elvie (thinking): I guess it wasn't such a simple job, after all!