This strip first appeared in issue #244 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It was inspired by the kids in the Code Club that I run. They’re aged between 7 and 11, and universally believe that the ‘#’ character is called ‘a hashtag’. No amount of explanation or historical insight seems able to shift them from this viewpoint. I therefore predict that eventually the de facto name for this character will become ‘hashtag’, and all other names will be considered archaic.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: A '#' character is floating at the top of the panel. Jessica (a child) is looking at it. Several adult characters are describing it]

Elvie: It's a hash.

Sanjeev: No, it's a pound sign.

Bob: No, no… it's a sharp.

Martin: You're all wrong -- it's an octothorp.

[Panel 2: Jessica provides her own opinion. The others reply in unison]

Jessica: Surely it's a hashtag?

All: NO!!!