This strip first appeared in issue #250 of Linux (Pro) Magazine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is talking to Bob, who suddenly breaks off, mid-word]

Elvie: I hear you've got a new job at Alphabet.

Bob: Yeah, I'm working for *YouTube*, helping to train the algo--

[Panel 2: Close-up of Bob, who has switched into an alter-ego. His speech bubble is a different colour and there are speed lines in the background to indicate him flipping into another "mode"]

Bob: I've got a discount code for Google Stadia if you want it.

[Panel 3: Elvie is looking shocked. Bob has switched back to his normal demeanour, apparently unaware of his previous interjection. He picks up from where he left off in panel 1 without missing a beat]

Bob: --rithm that's used to determine the optimum ad placement.