This strip first appeared in issue #253 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. Usually Mark writes these strips, Vince draws the images, then it’s back to Mark for final editing and assembly. This strip is unusual in that Mark also did the drawing – only the second Elvie strip for which that has been the case.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: We see a particle being ejected from the sun, and heading to Earth]

Particle: I am a cosmic ray, born in the fire and heat of the sun as an entity of pure evil.

I travel the solar system, heading for my ultimate target: Earth.

[Panel 2: Inside a computer enclosure; the particle has passed through the CPU]

Particle: There I can pass unseen through a computer chip, flipping a one to a zero -- and in doing so cause untold mayhem and destruction.

I could corrupt the entire banking system, cause the launch of a nuclear missile, or open the doors of a virus research lab.

Just by passing through a sliver of silicon, I have the power to destroy all mankind!

[Panel 3: We see the particle escaping from the computer. An image is showing on the screen]

Particle: Oh… it appears I've made one pixel in a JPEG into a slightly different colour.

Erm… take that puny humans! Bwahahaha!!!