This strip appeared in issue #20 of Linux Voice magazine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is using her laptop]
Caption: 3 days to deadline
Elvie: I must get started on this article. Perhaps it will go faster if I add a dictionary widget to my desktop.
And maybe a thesaurus. And an internet search box and…

[Panel 2]
Caption: 1 day to deadline
Elvie: I'll definitely work faster if I optimise my window manager, and label my virtual desktops.
A bigger clock will be useful, and some software to enforce typing breaks…

[Panel 3]
Caption: 1 hour *past* deadline
Elvie: Is that really the time!? I must get started on this article!
But perhaps I should just add a calendar widget, so I don't get caught out next time…