This strip appeared in issue #19 of Linux Voice magazine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Outside 'PC Universe'. There is a sign on the wall that reads 'Support Engineer needed, enquire within'. Elvie can be seen in silhouette, being interviewed by the owner of the store]

Owner: …and finally, Elvie, what would you do if a customer has a computer that keeps crashing?

Elvie: I'd boot from a Linux CD to run memtest and rule out hardware problems. Then I'd run FSCK to check their hard drives, and perhaps chroot into their system to investigate further…

[Panel 2: Inside the office where Elvie is being interviewed]

Owner: Erm… remember that most of our customers only use Windows.

Elvie: Hmmm… I'm not really a Windows expert -- I only know how to press ctrl-alt-delete and reboot a couple of times. After that I'd just reinstall the OS and start again from scratch.

[Panel 3: Elvie and the owner are at a messy and run-down desk, labelled as 'Technical Support']

Owner: It sounds to me like you're perfect for the position -- welcome to the team!

[On the front of the desk is a price list for the technical support services]

Sign: Press crtl-alt-del: £5
Reboot Machine: £10
Reinstall OS: £50