This strip appeared in issue #193 of Linux (Pro) Magazine magazine. Whilst creating this strip we were unaware that Linux Voice was being absorbed into Linux (Pro) Magazine. Fortunately the article that this strip was designed to accompany – on “NoSQL” databases – was still included in the Linux Voice section of the magazine.

This cartoon was inspired by, and is intended as a parody of, an XKCD comic strip:

The original strip suggests how destructive a well-crafted SQL injection attack can be; our cartoon takes that premise and turns it around to imply that the original attack is useless against a NoSQL-based system.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: View from outside a primary school]

Elvie: There! I've replaced the school's old registration software with something NoSQL based. Just in time -- here's the first new student…

[Panel 2: Inside the reception area. An xkcd-style stick-figure mother and child are at the desk, with Elvie behind it]

Mother: My son's name is Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--

Elvie: No problem.