This strip appeared in issue #194 of Linux (Pro) Magazine magazine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is talking to her friend]

Elvie: I've started writing an Open Source game.

Friend: Cool! There are some great FLOSS games out there —

[Panel 2: The computer behind them shows an old-school loading screen]

Friend: — but there are also a lot that are just remakes of other games, with the protagonist replaced by Tux.

What's yours about?

[Panel 3: The computer now shows the start screen for the game - it looks like Super Mario Bros but with Tux dressed as Mario. The game is called "Mega Penguin Siblings"]

Elvie: Erm… it's about a penguin with a moustache, who just happens to also be a plumber, and friends with a princess…