This strip appeared in issue #206 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, in December 2017.

At the time that this strip was created, Bitcoin had reached a peak of $4,600 then dropped down to $3,100. We didn’t predict the $20k price it would reach in late December 2017, nor the plummeting drop that would follow – otherwise we would have created this comic a few weeks later than we did! At least if Elvie held on to her bitcoins, rather than panic selling, they should still be worth more than she paid for them, even now.

(Oh, and if you feel like dropping a few satoshis our way, the address on the strip is: 1DSkXGTpMDmiuJmskyP3Mhc2tWgAQh3xGX – or use the QR code below)

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↓ Transcript
[Single panel, showing a graph of Bitcoin prices over time. Several key prices are annotated with an image of Elvie's head speaking]

2011: This Bitcoin thing looks interesting — I'll have to keep an eye on it.

2014: $1000 per coin! If only I'd bought in three years ago!

2015: $220. I knew it was a bubble.

2016 (price at $430): No point in buying now, the price will never go up that high again.

Mid-2017: $2500! It can't keep rising… can it?

Late-2017: $4600! that's it. I'm all in before I miss my chance!

Later-2017 (price dropped to $3100): Damn!