This strip first appeared in issue #264 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It’s the fourth and final strip in a short series in which Elvie is charged with mentoring a new trainee.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is talking to the new trainee]

Elvie: Now that you've made your first bug fix, you need to commit it to Git

[Panel 2: Close-up of the computer screen, showing a commit message being written. Description boxes point to the summary and the body of the message]

Box 1: The *summary* of your commit message needs to contain the key information about the fix in a single short line, in a way that makes sense when listed with all the other commits.

Box 2: The *body* of your message should have details about why the fix was made, with plenty of keywords to search by plus links to the original bug report and the appropriate documentation.

[Panel 3: Elvie and the trainee again]

Trainee: I see…

…and to think that I was just going to write "Fix a typo in a comment"…