This strip first appeared in issue #222 of Linux (Pro) Magazine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1. Caption: 1994. A group of people are sitting in a meeting]
Chairman: users are confused about the ports on PCs. Why do we need different connectors for PS/2, RS232, SCSI, and parallel ports?

We're going to combine them all into a single standard called 'USB'.

[Panel 2. Caption: 2019. The chairman, now visibly older, is in a shop by a display stand full of cables. Elvie is the shop assistant]
Elvie: Yes, we've got USB cables. What connectors do you need? Type A, B or C? Mini-USB? Micro-USB? That weird one that's only ever used on external hard drives? Do you need USB OTG? What about MHL support…