This strip appeared in issue #197 of Linux (Pro) Magazine magazine, after it was confirmed that the Democrats’ email server was almost certainly hacked by Russian state actors. This strip is a reworking of, and direct reference to, our earlier strip which poked fun at the equivalent Western surveillance machine.

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↓ Transcript
[Panels 1 & 2: Elvie is speaking to her friend on the phone]

Elvie: If something as important as the Democrats' email server was hacked, what hope is there for individual privacy?

Friend: Don't you think you're being a bit paranoid? The Russians aren't interested in what you had for dinner, or the contents of your shopping list!

[Panel 3: It's revealed that a pair of spies are eavesdropping on Elvie's conversation]

Spy 1: …a bottle of cola, some bagels, a copy of '1984' and the latest edition of Linux Magazine, comrade.

Spy 2: She Sounds like a liberal to me. Put her on the watch list.