This strip first appeared in issue #235 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, and is the final part of a trilogy.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Jessica is holding the hand-made periscope, and talking to Elvie]

Jessica: Auntie Elvie, this periscope you made for my phone is great! Could you make some more for my friends?

Elvie: Of course. Anything to help keep them out of trouble.

[Panel 2: Jessica and her friends are at school, in the ICT Suite. A sign clearly prohibits playing games. The kids are playing "Half Month" on the computers.

A collection of Elvie's periscopes have been assembled with sticky tape, school ties and rope in order to provide a view of the corridor. The teacher is approaching, with his face being displayed on the phone at the end of the periscope chain]

Jessica: Quick, switch screens! The teacher's coming!!!