This strip first appeared in issue #242 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It’s the first of a pair of strips that don’t really share a connection, except that we put them together as they both use a theme of home renovations or DIY as the set-up for the gag.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie enters a room that is being decorated. We can see a step ladder, and dust sheets on the furniture. She's holding a paint roller and wearing dungarees]

Elvie: Did you remember to put down some newspaper before you started painting?

Elvie [Exclamation]: What theā€¦?

[SFX: "Crunch" and "Craack" coming from the bottom of the panel]

[Panel 2: James is painting the wall, standing on a load of tablets, PDAs and phones]

James: I haven't read a newspaper in years -- I get all my news off the internet.

So I've put down a load of old phones and tablets instead.