This strip first appeared in issue #219 of Linux (Pro) Magazine, shortly after a Code of Conduct was introduced for contributors to the Linux kernel.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is standing at a podium, giving a presentation. To her right is a banner stand that says "The Linux Kernel CoC"]

Elvie: In this symposium we'll be discussing the new Code of Conduct for contributing to the Linux kernel…

[Panel 2: Close up of Elvie]

Elvie: This CoC should put an end to the sort of puerile, childish behaviour we've seen in the past.

[Panel 3: Wide view, showing a second banner stand, to Elvie's left, which has been vandalised to read "The Linux Kernel CoCK"]

Elvie: Okay, who's been vandalising the signs!?