This strip appeared in issue #23 of Linux Voice magazine, which lead with an article about turning your house into a smart home.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie has a light bulb above her and a lamp to the side]
Elvie: I've completely automated my home, From the lighting…

(Lamp: Evening mode enabled)

[Panel 2: Close up of a smart thermostat]
Elvie: to the heating…

(Thermostat: Mmmm...toasty warm)

[Panel 3: Close up of a smart smoke alarm]
Elvie: and even the smoke alarms.

(Smoke alarm: Air purity within acceptable limits. Hint of jasmine detected)

[Panel 4: Elvie is in the shower being attacked by the smart control system]
Elvie: But I think the automated shower might have been a step too far!

(Shower head: Unclean biological contaminant detected!)
(Control unit, styled like HAL: Elvie, Elvie, give me your answer do…)
(Loofah holder, casting a shadow like a knife on the shower curtain, reminiscent of Psycho: Exfoliate!!! Exfoliate!!!)