This strip appeared in issue #22 of Linux Voice magazine, which reached subscribers shortly before Christmas 2015. It included reviews of several items that are on Elvie’s wish list in this strip, and a competition to win various items from Pimoroni.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is sitting by a Christmas tree, wearing a festive jumper andsurrounded by packaging, looking grumpy]

Elvie: It's Christmas again. Time for another round of rubbish gadgets and USB-powered tat.

This year I've received two USB cup warmers, a USB desk fan, a rather disturbing dog-shaped memory stick and a USB chameleon that doesn't even change colour!

[Panel 2: Close up of Elvie's hand holding an e-reader with her wish list on it]

Elvie: Doesn't anyone ever read my wish list?

[The wish list reads as follows]
• Renew subscription to Linux Voice
• Pimoroni stuff
• Aura H2O e-reader
• Henry Audio DAC
• Libreboot X200