This strip was created in January/February of 2017 and appeared in issue #198 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It’s one of a pair of satirical strips for which we decided to represent current political events (in this case Brexit) as though they were the man pages of unix commands. We also decided to abandon our usual Elvie border for these strips, presenting them just as images of monitors on the page. The Elvie logo, license information and web
address therefore became parts of the monitors’ bezel, where you might normally find the manufacturer’s logo and model number.

Also, unlike most of our strips, this one was predominantly created as an SVG image in Inkscape. The monitors’ outlines were created from a trace of an earlier bitmap image, and almost everything else was created and coloured in Inkscape. The only exception is the reflection of Elvie, which is a raster image as usual.

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↓ Transcript
[Single panel showing the Unix man page for a hypothetical "Brexit" command]

brexit - disconnect from local peers

brexit [type=(hard|soft)]

Brexit drops connections with machines on
the LAN and hardens firewall rules to
restrict foreign packets from entering the
machine. It then tries to negotiate links
with machines on the WAN instead, even if
those links are of a lower quality.

While this process is running, any request for
quotas may return an erroneous value of 350MB,
which may mislead some users into thinking that
the local machine is providing significantly
more resources to the LAN than it receives
in return.

The type parameter determines whether all
connections are dropped, or some are maintained.
As of the March 2017 release "soft" is no longer
an option.

Warning: This command may take a very, very
long time to complete.