This strip first appeared in issue #220 of Linux (Pro) Magazine. It was our 60th published monthly strip – five whole years of Elvie! In honour of this milestone, Mark wrote an article for the magazine about how we create our cartoons. We selected this joke for the 60th strip as it fitted nicely with the “anyone can create a comic” ethos of the article, and seemed a good time to have a more self-referential cartoon.

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↓ Transcript
[Panel 1: Elvie is talking to James. He's holding a copy of Linux (Pro) Magazine]

James: I don't like the cartoon in this Linux magazine -- the woman in it is smart and sassy, but it always portrays the men as complete idiots.

Elvie: It's Open Source, under a permissive license.
You could clone the Github repo then edit the Inkscape files to change the punchlines if you want.

[Panel 2]

James: I have absolutely no idea how to do that…